ATEX Trainings

Why is it worthwhile to be trained

The most obvious advantage of training is raising the qualifications of the employees - both in terms of specialist training, closely related to the tasks performed, as well as in terms of training more general skills. Well-trained, committed team is, after all, one of the greatest potentials of the company, significantly increasing its possibilities of professional activity.

What are, therefore, the main benefits of employee training: 

  • Training of team increases professionalism and quality of performed work;
  • A trained employee is able to improve the quantity and quality of results and minimize mistakes made;
  • The trainings provide an opportunity to gain practical skills and use the experience gained so far;
  • The training has a positive impact on managerial skills of the management personnel, which results in increased motivation and efficiency of the whole team;
  • The information gained during the training helps the employee to look from a different perspective at his work and on performing his daily activities;
  • The trainings enrich the range of competences and give the opportunity to face difficult challenges.

European Union Directives (e.g. ATEX, ATEX USER) introduced into Polish legislation through relevant regulations of the Minister of Economy oblige employers to train their personnel in explosion safety.

Who should be trained?

Trainings conducted by the Institute of Technical Safety Ex Solution are addressed to all persons wishing to broaden their knowledge in the field of explosion safety, and in particular to specialized personnel:

  • designers,
  • manufacturers and suppliers of equipment,
  • users of systems operating in potentially explosive atmospheres,
  • persons responsible for the operational safety of Ex installation.

As part of the training we provide:

  • providing training in the scope required by the training title (according to the attached schedule),
  • the care of an experienced trainer,
  • the provision of training material,
  • a discussion panel to discuss the issues raised by the participants,
  • a certificate of training completion,
  • carrying out a case study - discussing practical issues,
  • refreshments in the form of hot and cold drinks, snacks and lunch,
  • coach's advice after the training (up to 1 month) within the scope of a specific module.

Comprehensive training - modular training

It offers You a comprehensive system of specialized trainings in the field of explosion safety, created on the basis of many years of experience gained during the implementation of tasks posed to us by the industry and constantly appearing new technologies. Our training courses are based on the current requirements of directives, standards and regulations. However, knowledge is not only a legal and normative document - it is primarily a practice gained during the design of equipment, supervision over modernisation of installations, carrying out acceptance of installations and testing under real conditions.

The system of trainings implemented by us gives an opportunity for professional development based on transparent rules of building individual and team competences. The "Personnel Development Path" proposed by us allows to obtain specialized knowledge at the required level in a way that is fully user-friendly and guarantees understanding of the discussed issues. We offer a comprehensive solution - from basic issues through detailed requirements to the examination confirming personal competence in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 17024 standard. In accordance with the assumptions of the Personal Development Path, each student can choose the range of issues of his interest, without the need to go deeper into external topics. At the same time, each of the training stages is confirmed by a certificate of completion specifying its scope and level.