WPEx Project Guidelines

WPEx - Project Guidelines

The construction, extension or modernization of a facility / installation is a long-term process requiring the involvement of the investor and taking hundreds of decisions. The beginning of this process is the work with a designer on functional issues, where technical and legal issues related to explosion safety pose a difficult challenge. Incorrectly selected or posteriorly selected security measures extend the investment time and significantly increase the investment costs.

Ex design guidelines - this solution optimizes the design of a apparatus / facility / installation in order to meet the explosion safety requirements associated with ATEX requirements. As a part of the guidelines, the Institute's team of experts prepares a report containing an in-depth and real risk analysis assigned to the project, together with a package of necessary, optimized guidelines for ensuring compliance with the latest safety requirements.

The benefits of developing guidelines are as follows:

  • properly selected safety level of the facility / installation,
  • time savings associated with the need of implementing corrections, changes in the concept, reconstruction of the facility,
  • avoidance of unnecessary costs.

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