Quality management systems

Quality management systems

The first stage of the product introduction process to the market is to assess the validity of Ex requirements.

The next stage, often treated as the most important one, is the stage of product assessment (certification) carried out in the type examination or at the stage of own assessment of the manufacturer. It should be remembered that both the Ex certificate and the self-assessment confirm that the product documentation and the tested sample (representative for the product or group of products) meet the requirements of the directive and possibly applied harmonised standards (ATEX scheme) or standards (IECEx scheme).

These activities apply only to the design, assessment and testing of the equipment or protective system.. The certificate or assessment shall not cover other requirements concerning the manufacturing process and the placing on the market of the equipment or protective system.

Ensuring an appropriate, reproducible manufacturing process allows the manufacturer to presume that each subsequent manufactured product is the same as the one under which conformity has been declared.


Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a production company operating without established procedures describing the rules of production and verification of the repeatability of manufactured products.

For this purpose, regardless of the system used, the documents concerning the manufacture of Ex equipment were developed, which included a number of requirements related to the establishment and maintenance of production control systems. The documents have been prepared independently in the normative form of PN-EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 (scheme ATEX and IECEx).

We offer support to all manufacturers of products intended for use in explosive atmospheres both in the scope of construction and supervision of quality management systems.

Our offer applies to the following:

  • ATEXQ - system of supervision over the production of electrical and non-electrical equipment based on PN-EN ISO/IEC 80079-34,
  • IECEx QAR - system of supervision over the production of electrical and non-electrical equipment based on PN-EN ISO/IEC 80079-34.