Safety and operating instructions

Safety and operating instructions

The Safety and Operating Instructions are intended primarily for the operation of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. The purpose of this manual is to eliminate hazards that may cause a serious accident, which may pose a hazard to the employees of the facility, as well as to the environment of the installation, taking into account the risk of explosion.

The instructions are a set of information ensuring the correct use of the so-called intended use products and are addressed to the managerial staff, specialists, surveillance services, as well as operational employees performing work in the field of operation, maintenance, repair and measurement of electrical explosion protection devices.

The obligation to prepare operating instructions results from the 1999/92/EC and related standards and national legislation. The operating manual should contain:

  • the characteristics of the energy equipment,
  • description of the necessary range of automation, measurement, signaling, protection and control systems,
  • a set of drawings, schemes and diagrams with descriptions in accordance with the applicable nomenclature,
  • a description of the start-up, operation and shut-down operations of the energy plant under normal operating conditions,
  • the procedure to be followed in the case of failure and disturbances in the operation of the equipment,
  • requirements for maintenance, repair, overhaul of energy equipment and time limits for inspection, testing and measurement,
  • occupational health and safety requirements and fire safety regulations for a given group of energy equipment, facilities and qualification requirements for persons involved in the operation of a given equipment,
  • identification of the risks for human health and life and the environment related to the operation of the energy equipment concerned,
  • organization of operational work,
  • requirements for collective or personal protective measures, assurance of safety, communication and other technical or organizational protective measures used to reduce occupational risks.

The Safety and Operating Instructions are an important organizational measure for the operational safety of the facility listed in the Explosion Protection Document.

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