Assessment of maintenance workshops

Assessment of maintenance workshops

Repairs of explosion-proof devices are connected with the necessity to maintain explosion-proof properties of the renovated devices. Proper carrying out of the repair requires full knowledge of the design of explosion protection measures.

The workshop should have specific procedures for:

  • product qualification for repair,
  • repairs by replacement,
  • repair procedures using regeneration,
  • procedures for handling products which cannot be repaired and which, as a result of the repair, do not meet explosion safety requirements,
  • test and repair procedures and their documentation - for each item of equipment after repair

The high risk of losing explosion protection means that the maintenance workshop must have a proven ability to carry out repairs. This applies to both the competence of the workforce and that of the workshop equipment.

We offer you the opportunity to carry out a full evaluation of the maintenance workshop including:

  • technical audit of the maintenance workshop,
  • assessment of the repair methods and procedures applied,
  • periodic training of personnel,
  • development and issue of a workshop certificate confirming the ability to carry out repairs.

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