Initially, the company's activities were based on supporting manufacturers in the field of explosion-proof equipment compliance. Further years of activity brought a rapid development of the company along with the extension of the provided services range. Continuous investment in science, development and research has resulted in the acquisition of new business partners and the development of a research services base.

The year 2016 is a breakthrough for the company. We have always tried to gather around us competent people who, apart from broad knowledge, can be strongly involved in the development of the company. This basic assumption led us to create the Institute of Technical Safety.

Where did the name come from?


means an independent teaching and research unit, and we combine all these features. We conduct scientific and technical research, share our knowledge and at the same time remain independent.


because we do not limit our horizons, we are ready to support our partners at every stage, whether for product or installation design, taking all necessary technical aspects into account.


because all our activities are related to safety issues.

Explosion-proof hexagon - The mapping of the characteristic explosion-proof hexagon for safety is our roots. The strict staff of the Institute has gone through the entire career path related to the so-called Ex's: from research, construction of test stands, organization of laboratories, through conformity assessment of devices and their application in the working environment to the safety of industrial plants.

Our history proves that we are not afraid of challenges, as well as we provide our partners with calm and safe work.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of cooperation.