ATEx Technical audit of the installation

ATEx – Technical audit of the installation / facility

Atex audyt techniczny instalacjiATEx- Technical Audit Ex is a thorough diagnosis of an installation/facility actual state where explosive atmospheres may occur. ATEx Audit is an assessment process concerning existing facilities, which are to be modernized or require confirmation of their compliance with the executive documentation.

The audit is carried out in accordance with the principles of integrated explosion protection as described in Directives 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and 1999/92/EC (ATEX USERS) and covers:

  • an assessment of the measures taken to eliminate explosive atmospheres,
  • an assessment of the measures taken to avoid efficient sources of ignition,
  • evaluation of measures to prevent the spread of explosions,

in particular:

  • assessment of the selection correctness of electrical and non-electrical devices,
  • assessment of the device installation correctness according to EN 60079-14,
  • assessment of intrinsically safe devices and systems cooperation according to PN-EN 60079-25,
  • protection against static electricity.

The result of our cooperation is a detailed report on the current state of explosion safety. An integral part of the report is an optimized schedule of measures to achieve an adequate level of explosion safety.

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