Ex installations

Ex installations

According to the requirements of the 1999/92/EC Directive (ATEX USER), the employer is obliged to ensure that the working environment allows for safe performance of work despite the probability of an explosive atmosphere occurrance. Occupational safety can be ensured by continuous monitoring of the safety conditions of workers in accordance with the recommendations resulting from the risk assessment.

The employer must provide organisational measures relating to technical methods to prevent the initiation and propagation of explosions.

The effectiveness of the safety measures applied should be periodically reviewed - in particular after any changes that have occurred as a result of the installation's modernisation. Safety measures are to be understood as the appropriate selection of electrical and non-electrical equipment operating in installations with a risk of explosion of gases, mists and vapours of flammable liquids and dusts (e.g. soot, biomass, sugar...). The user is responsible for the correct selection, monitoring and operation of the equipment.

We provide full support for users and designers of the installation at every stage of its life:

  • Project
  • Conformity of the installation with ATEX and IECEx requirements
  • Classification of potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Hazard Risk Assesment
  • Explosion Risk Assessment
  • Explosion Protection Document
  • Safety and Operating Instructions
  • Protection Against Static Electricity
  • Assessment of maintenance